08-02-2008 // CES 2008

Event Report - CES

It’s been a month since the Commodore Gaming circus packed up some rigs and headed out to Las Vegas `Sin City’ Nevada for the annual homage to everything consumer electronics... the CES. In the desert we made lots of new friends, and of course saw loads of familiar faces. Once again this whole Commodore Gaming thing was propelled to new heights and presented as a leader in the PC Gaming market.

Commodore Gaming was invited to join Intel on their booth this year. Naturally, we jumped at the chance, and of course had to flex our gaming muscles. Seeing as the Intel Stand had 85,000 visitors last year, we needed something to blow them away... Queue the XX.

We took this opportunity to show Sierra’s recent release World in Conflict running at 2,560 x 1,600 on a 30" Samsung! As if that was not enough, we played Epic's frantic FPS Unreal Tournament 3, in combination with the new 45NM Penryn chipset.

As I write this, we’ve returned from CES and all the buzz has calmed down (a little), but with Commodore Gaming enjoying its fourth month at #1 of the Stuff magazine Hot Pick for PC’s, and Games For Windows UGM review (Ultimate Games Machine) quoted saying: "Gorgeous exterior, very stable”, it looks like the ride is far from over.

CES 2008 - Pictures

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