28-08-2007 // Commodore Gaming's 25th Anniversary of the C64

News - 25th Anniversary

During the Games Convention in Leipzig, Commodore Gaming took the opportunity to throw a party celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Commodore 64 (and the 30th Anniversary of the PET!), with SID-filled music performances, food, drinks and our tribute to the international Commodore Scene with the Commodore Scene Lifetime Achievement Awards.

It was a most pleasant event, held at the Commodore Gaming booth after hours, with an ecclectic make up of guests. Games industry big wigs were mingling with Commodore fans and sceners and important figures in Commodore's history. Among the most renown attendees were Chris Huelsbeck, the legendary composer of the Giana Sisters theme, Jeroen Tel, famous SID musician and composer of many a classic C64 game's music, John Hare, figurehead of the unforgettable Sensible Software, Mike Montgomery of the incomparable Bitmap Brothers and the world's most renown professional gamer Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel.

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German chart-topping dance DJ Dany Wild kicked off the evening with one of his numerous sets of SID infused mixes, which appealed to all partygoers, no matter their background: the sympathic and skilled DJ made many new fans this evening. One hour into the party, Commodore Gaming CEO Bala Keilman took the stage, spoke some welcoming words and gave a quick insight on the programme for the evening. Meanwhile, invited and uninvited guests were swarming the entrance to the booth until the organisation of the Games Convention had to intervene, forcing us to only let in people that were on the list.

After half an hour it was Tobi of Digitale Kultur's turn to take the stage, as presenter of the Commodore Scene Lifetime Achievement Awards. With a crowd of sceners cheering him on, Tobi put his all in it to give a short explanation about each category of nominees, from Best C64 Demo to Best C64 Website, and make the whole ceremony an altogether entertaining affair for the uninitiated. With only two surprise turnouts, the Commodore sceners present were pleased with the outcome. Much congratulations to the winners (check the link below for the full results)!

After more sets by DJ Dany Wild, Jeroen Tel and his VJ Julian van Aalderen took over from him with a crazy performance mixing 8-bit imagery (and Jeroen's glowing jewelry!) with some of the funkiest SID tunes we ever heard in our lives. All partygoers collectively lost their minds, influenced by alcohol or not, bringing our celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the C64 to a lenghty and thrilling finale.

25th Anniversary C64 On GC 2007 - Pictures

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