10-03-2008 // Commodore Gaming official sponsor of Shadows

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Following Commodore Gaming’s long term involvement with the LAN gaming community, the builders of the fastest PC of all time ( extended its focus onto the Shadows clan. Given Commodore Gaming’s successful relationship with the LAN community it was only a matter of time till up and coming teams started finding a sponsor in Commodore Gaming. It is a natural step towards combining the ultimate gaming systems with the ultimate eSports experience.

"Following our sponsorship partnership with n!faculty we are excited to work with Shadows, they are an established team that has a bright future," says Sean Charles, PR and Marketing manager Commodore Gaming. "By working closely with the Shadows team we can involve them in product development and testing in demanding conditions leading to the development and recognition of electronic sports.”

Leading PC Gaming Rig manufacturer Commodore Gaming has made custom designed cases for each member of the Shadows Clan utilising Commodore Gaming’s C-kin technology. C-kin technology allows high definition painting on case. (C-kins are not stickers or vinyl layers)

Below are the key events Shadows will be present at this year.

Events for 2008

Going to upcoming dutch events:

  • The Reality
  • The Party
  • Regroup
  • Networkingday

EU Events (all to be confirmed):

  • The Summit
  • Dreamhack

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