25-04-2008 // Six Classic C64 games available on Wii Virtual Console

News - Six Classic C64 Games on Wii

It has been four weeks since the first two C64 games, International Karate and Uridium, got released on Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console download service and today we proudly add Last Ninja and World Games to what will grow out to be an extensive catalogue of timeless Commodore C64 classics.

This makes the total of C64 games that are available on the Virtual Console six. The two games that got released two weeks ago were Impossible Mission and California Games.

The C64 games on the Virtual Console are unique in that they are the only classic titles that make use of the Wii Remote's more advanced functionalities. When pressing 1 during any of the six game, a virtual C64 keyboard will appear on screen, which can be typed with by pointing the remote and pressing the A button to confirm.

The C64 games are available in Europe only and each costs 500 Wii Points to download.

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