01-10-2008 // STUFF HOT BUY / RANKED no. 1 IN STUFF'S TOP10 - 10 MONTHS CONSECUTIVELY !!! 'Proving that mega-PCs don’t have to be ugly brutes, the XX also has specs to please the most demanding gamer'

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After dominating '80s home computing with the C64 and Amiga, Commodore died a horrible, slow death in the '90s. But now the brand has been revived for a range of Windows PCs aimed at gamers. Prices start at £1000 for the entry-level G model, rising through the GS and GX to the top-of-the-range XX, tested here.

While the C-Kin concept initially seems a rather superficial feature, it’s actually the best reason for opting for a Commodore PC. They’re not all dribbling goblins and rampaging stormtroopers – some of the more subtle designs would even fade into the background of the most stylish living rooms, meaning you needn’t be banished to the cupboard under the stairs whenever you fancy a crafty frag.


Ranked no. 1 in Stuff's 'top 10' 10 months consecutively

Stuff's rating: 5 stars *****

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