Commodore Gaming XX

01-11-2007 // PC FORMAT VERDICT: 78 POINTS 'One of the biggest names in gaming is back with a bang'

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The XX's concept - choosing a customisable skin that give your PC a unique look - is genuinely interesting. The finish on the machine is excellent but so much depends on the image or pattern you go for.

(...) There are no such worries about the guts of the XX. There's a hefty quad-core at the helm (...) the graphics are handled most adeptly by twin Geforce 8800GTX cards and 2GB of PC8500 RAM seals the deal. The whole kaboodle is kept cool with a custom configuration (...).

Commodore's aim is to build a great gaming PC and it has managed it with aplomb. The components are all top notch, there's a shred of originality in its design and, most importantly, it's a well-built and very capable machine.

PC Format Verdict: 78 points

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