Commodore Gaming XX

01-11-2007 // PC GAMER SCORE: 75% 'Perennial phoenixes Commodore have risen once again'

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Perennial phoenixes Commodore have risen once again, this time in the guise of a Dutch company who make special cases for their PCs.

(...) the guts haven't been forgotten. There's the inevitable QX6700 at the helm (...) still capable of a good thrashing at 2.66Ghz. (...) a pair of 768Mb 8800GTX cards handle the graphics, and this top-line SLI set-up milks some astounding graphical performance (...) there's no better graphics solution out there in terms of pixel-pushing power, and the 2Gb Corsair Dominator RAM perfectly complements it with some of the quickest timing on the market.
A Commodore logo gouged out of the side of the case hides an enormous fan which helps chill the insides without too much racket. Within, CPU and RAM are each covered by a separate active heatsink, and that large main cooling fan means you're not likely to run into any heat problems (...).

PC Gamer score: 75%

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