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International Karate +

Wii - International Karate + (Screen)

International Karate + ™ is a development of the original IK game, the main extra feature being that there are three fighting men on the screen at once (and five in pause mode!).

There are 16 different moves that can be made, all controlled by the Wii Remote, and with practice all these moves can be executed smoothly in a flowing fight sequence without the man pausing momentarily in the standing stance. The controller system is simple enough for players to learn quickly, but after some experience of how the moves behave, much more sophisticated control can be achieved.

Opponents can be hit in the head, chest, stomach, shins and feet from in front or behind, although an attacker receives only half the score for attacking behind.

© and ™ System 3 Ltd. INTERNATIONAL KARATE+ is exclusively licensed by Ironstone Partners Ltd.

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