Commodore (G)uildwars PC

Commodore (G)uild Wars PC

Enrich your gaming experience with the high performance Commodore gaming range. The Commodore g makes up a perfect excuse to get your teeth into high end gaming. As an extremely powerful PC for relatively low costs, the Commodore g is one of a kind.





  • Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q6600: 2.4 GHz 8MB Cache
  • ASUS® P5N-E SLI (NVIDIA® nForce® i650) motherboard
  • 500GB 7200 RPM 16 MB Cache SATA hard drive
  • 2GB Corsair™ XMS2 Twin2x2048-5400C4 memory: 800MHz
  • DVDRW optical drive
  • 550W ICE Cube power supply
  • On Board Integrated Hi Definition 7.1 Channel sound
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT 512MB graphics card
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium operating system

Quad Core Extreme Chip


CPU/ At the core of the Commodore g sits an Intel™ Core® quad Q6600 processor. Carrying out several multimedia based tasks while taking headshots or issuing commands to your guild won't give your system as much as a hiccup, with Intel’s advanced CPU behind the steering wheel.

  • Intel® Core™2 Extreme Q6600
  • 8MB Level 2 Cache
  • Clock Speed: 2.4 GHz
  • FSB Speed: 1066 MHz

Chipset/ The P5N32-E is the most advanced, feature-rich motherboard available for gaming.  It has SLI™, built-in 7.1 sound and many overclocking features for users who demand even more performance.

  • ASUS® P5N32-E SLI™ (NVIDIA® nForce® 680i SLI™)

Memory/ Corsair’s XPERT Series will make it appear that there is no end to your memory. This matched pair of DDRs is built using Corsair’s latest high performance heat sink technology.

  • 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800 MHz
  • Up to 4GB of system memory

Storage/ We are here to meet your storage needs, no matter how ridiculous they may seem!  Do you have a massive collection of music, videos and still need more disk space? This is your chance to do something about it!

  • RAID 1 and 0 available
  • RPM Starting at 7,200 up to 10,000
  • Capacity Starting at 500GB up to 1.5 TB maximum
  • Interface Serial ATA 3GB/s

Optical Drive

  • Standard 20x Dual Layer DVD±R/W Drive
  • Optional 2x Blu-ray Disc (BD-ROM) Reader / Writer

Digital Media

  • Standard 7in1 media reader / writer


  • Integrated Dual High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Cooling/ In order to actually maintain its cool with all the heavy machinery put to work 24/7, the Commodore g comes equipped Commodore's exclusive Ice Cube technology. This thermal exchange system converts heat from the power supply into freezing cold air, generating a dramatic temperature decrease throughout the whole machine.

GeForce 8800 GTX

Graphics/ Redefine your gaming reality with NVIDIA® SLI™-Ready GeForce® 8800 graphics processors. The world’s first DirectX® 10 GPUs feature a powerful unified architecture that delivers an incredibly true-to-life gaming experience. Charge through game maps with vividly realistic, sun-up to sun-down HDR lighting effects and crank up 16x full-screen anti-aliasing without missing a beat.

  • 512MB GDDR3 dedicated video memory
  • Clock speed:  600 MHz
  • Memory speed: 900 MHz
  • Full DirectX® 10 and OpenGL® 2.0 compatibility
  • Shader Model 4.0 enabled
  • NVIDIA® SLI™ ready
  • 2 DVI Connectors
  • 1 S-Video Out Connector


  • 8-channel (7.1) integrated audio
  • Eight-channel analog jacks
  • One Optical digital output

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows® Vista™ Home Premium