01-10-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist - Matt Wright

C-Kin - Matt Wright

Matt Wright is a British art photographer whose work is among the most popular in the C-kin library. He mostly shuns digital retouching and, with great patience and an incredible feel for settings and lighting, makes all magic happen in front of his lens. The Commodore Gaming Team sat down with Matt to find out where his head is at.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you pursue an artistic career?

My Name is Matt Wright and I'm a 26 year old photographic artist currently based in South Wales. I guess I have always been attracted to the alternative lifestyle that being an artist seems to offer, although I would probably never had thought that it could be a viable way to earn a living. Coming from a family with a history of accounting made the decision to step away from the traditional career path fairly easy and I've been making it up ever since!

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What drives you to create?

Now that's a very difficult thing to explain. I guess there must be something that pushes all artists along their path. In my case, I guess it is the need to shed light onto the many faces of our current environment that too often have been rejected by society. My experimentations with light enable me to highlight and lift items from their surroundings, offering new views on the 'void spaces' that many are aware about, but would otherwise avoid.

How would you describe your own artistic style(s)?

Very transient and ethereal. I try not to intrude too much into the scenes I photograph and prefer to try and capture what is there but in a way that would not be normally visible to the human eye.

What sort of possibilities does the C-kin concept present to you as far as creating and presentation goes?

I'm a massive fan of the C-kin's ability to exploit the 360º imagery that I create in partnership with Chris George (See: WrightGeorge - Ed). The C-kin concept really is a unique and fitting medium to exploit this 360º content's continuous nature.

What sort of C-kins do you feel are missing from the catalogue and would you like to see?

More of my work, haha..! But really, I think you have a nice mixture of styles up there already. Maybe some more urban landscapes, some vintage, over the top style design. In any case, I like the selection there .

Would you like to add anything, in conclusion?

Just keep up the good work, really!

Matt Wright - Art Selection
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Matt Wright 01
Matt Wright 01

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