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C-kin - Featured C-kin Artists

At Commodore Gaming, we pride ourselves in our discerning eye for quality. Each artist that provides us with their work and designs is carefully picked for the style, visual punch and unique flavour he or she brings to the C-kin library. On a monthly base, we shed a little bit more light on the work and identity of the C-kin artists in this section.

01-07-2008 // Featured C-kin Artist - Pleasant

Pleasant is a young artist, born in the deepest South of the United States of America....
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01-03-2008 // Featured C-kin Artist - Robert-Willem Dol

Robert-Willem Dol is a young Dutch artist on a mission to blow away the air of elitism that...
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01-02-2008 // Featured C-kin Artist - Christian Mirra

This month it was time for Commodore Gaming’s own Italian graphics mastermind Christian Mirra...
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01-12-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist – Manu is Malin

This month we have a chat with compulsive French concept artist Manu is Malin. Incorporating a...
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01-11-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist - Niels Popkema

The Featured artist this month is the Dutch up and coming Talent Niels Popkema.
As one...
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01-10-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist - Matt Wright

Matt Wright is a British art photographer whose work is among the most popular in the C-kin...
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