01-02-2008 // Featured C-kin Artist - Christian Mirra

C-kin - Christian Mirra 2

This month it was time for Commodore Gaming’s own Italian graphics mastermind Christian Mirra to step up to the plate. Being very active outside our ever-morphing office hours, Christian works as an illustrator, designed the creepy `Oniria’ C-kin and is working on a secret project that promises to shake the European continent on its foundations. And we’re just talking pens and ink here.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you pursue an artistic career?

I have loved drawing since I was a child. I always had lots of interests, including music and politics, but then I realized that I had to make a choice and really dedicate myself to what I loved the most. I think that's the only way to push forward my limits, and there will be always more to learn- which I find very exciting.

What drives you to create?

I don't know... But I know that nothing gives me as much satisfaction as creating. When I'm drawing, hours pass in a glimpse and sometimes I even forget to eat!

C-kin - Christian Mirra - Banner

How would you describe your own artistic style(s)?

That's hard to answer. I know every artist needs to have one defined and consistent style in order to be recognized, but I've always found that very bothering as I like experimenting. My portfolio includes cartoons for children as well as surrealist drawing and realistic portraits. I like to be able to adapt my style to the needs of what I have to illustrate.

By the way, maybe the style I feel is my most personal is the surrealist style (like that used on the Oniria C-kin), as there I am not illustrating something, but rather just leaving complete freedom to my imagination.

What sort of possibilities does the C-kin concept present to you as far as creating and presentation goes?

I think that it's a very original way to express yourself as an artist. Forget the plain paper: you can't just copy and paste the same illustration on each panel! Now you have 4 panels to assemble in one coherent design. This obliges you to think in new perspectives. And the results are pretty much worth it: I love to see my pictures on a shiny metal pc case!

What sort of C-kins do you feel are missing from the catalogue and would you like to see?

I'd love to see the C-kin gallery as a platform for debuting artists. I feel there's still too little original artwork produced FOR the c-kins rather than pasted on the ckins. I hope more artists will join.

Would you like to add anything, in conclusion?


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