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Commodore Gaming Shadows

News - Shadows

Formerly known as 'just' ]Shadows[, Commodore Gaming Shadows is one of the most well known Dutch Counter-Strike teams, with many a championship title under their belts.

]Shadows[ was originally founded in 1999, during the beta phase of Half Life's most popular and enduring mod Counter-Strike, making this clan one of very few Counter-Strike teams of the first hour that is still around. Before Commodore Gaming started sponsoring the clan and it was renamed to Commodore Gaming Shadows, it encountered a fair share of line up changes. As of now, it has found much needed stability.

Commodore Gaming Shadows are:

Counter-Strike 1.6:

  • Roald "Ro" Faber
  • Laurens "lau" Rupp
  • Boysum "boy" Igwe
  • Leo "leo" van der Kooij

Trackmania Nations:

  • Clemens "Cleem" Kuipers
  • Nard "Card Nox" Cox
  • Emiel "Zoeff" Soepenberg
  • Koen "Twarxy" Weijermars
  • Matthijs "Mattheus" Siemons
  • Ivo "Doelloos" Scholten
  • Roy "Rookie" van der Werff

Recent Results:

FatLAN 2008 (BE):
1st place Counter-strike 1.6
1st place Trackmania Nations
3rd place Trackmania Nations

Regroup 17 (NL):
1st place Counter-strike 1.6

The Summit (DE):
8th place Counter-Strike 1.6

Upcoming Events:

  • 17-10-08 / 19-10-08 The Summit (DE)
  • 24-10-08 / 26-10-08 The Reality (NL)
  • 27-11-08 / 30-11-08 Dreamhack (SE)
  • 18-12-08 / 21-12-08 NorthCon (DE)

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News - n!faculty

Intel and Commodore joined forces to co-sponsor n!faculty, who specialize in Counter-Strike.

This team will be active in a host of cups among which:

  • Electronic Sports League - European Master Series
  • Electronic Sports World Cup
  • Zockerweibchen Cups.

Naturally, more cups will follow along with various LAN party tournaments. n!faculty are:

  • n!Lunatic alias Jennifer Löhr,
  • n!mIsTy alias Judith Dieter,
  • n!craZygirL alias Sandra Sbrzesny,
  • n!redfox alias Isabelle Schaffert,
  • n!Jelly alias Sabrina Ibach
  • n!TeraX alias Daniel Herberg (Team Manager).

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