01-07-2008 // Featured C-kin Artist - Pleasant

C-kin - Pleasant

Pleasant is a young artist, born in the deepest South of the United States of America. Pleasant attended the prestigious School of Visual Arts and the renowned Pratt Universiteit in New York City; he received instruction and inspiration from famous artists like New York City abstract painter, Michael Goldberg, Kenny Scharf and LA/NYC illustrator Jack Potter. Pleasant comes from a lineage of highly gifted artists and Fulbright award winners. Pleasant has honoured us with a stunning C-kin design.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you pursue an artistic career?

I appreciate design and everything that has to do with the visual world. I have always engaged myself in art, even from the time of my youth. I grew up in North America in the American south east, As a result of conflict that existed in my town and region at that time I was often discouraged from pursuing art and design by my primary school instructors. However, at the age of 10 it was the encouragement from one unique teacher who changed my life forever. She actually encouraged me by challenging me to endure and face the effects of the discouragement. To take the frustration I had inside and to create from that in line and canvas something lasting that could speak out to all those who have experienced the same. From that moment I looked at art in an even more serious way and actually believed that I could participate in the creation of it by challenging myself to create from inner emotion as opposed to what was external . The powerful words of another compassionate teacher helped to fill in my slowly eroding feelings of doubt. He mentored me in the ways of inner understanding and taught me to be confident. The technical art training I received from my father finally merged with the emotional side of this creativity and my journey in art began. It has been very Pleasant.

C-kin - Pleasant Banner

What drives you to create?

I guess the main inspiration for this art comes from my mother and my (late) father who was a fine artist before me. And his effort to instill in me a desire to use art as a tool of communication. To make it real in its ability to function as a tool of inspiration. By offering alternatives to the standard way of thinking and being. I carry on a legacy which was started almost one hundred years ago by my Grandfather, who was a sculptor and my father a painter. Both of which in the American deep south were denied recognition for their work during their lives. In a way, I am driven to keep this art alive for them. Allowing for the evolution of this art over the past 80 years to go from a representational form of expression to a conceptual and expressionist figurative art to now even digital medium. Their sacrifices and profound belief in their art and the continued creation of it made possible my ability to be here today and showcase this art to the world now in this 21st century.

How would you describe your own artistic style(s)?

Very non-traditional. I love being different and original. I love science, I love the human figure and I love the shape of lines. Art to me is discussion, the art of conveying a message or even a feeling. I do not expect people to always understand my work. However, I do believe that the experience in understanding any art is in the ability to feel it. I becomes the ‘unknown’, the masked or faceless persona that appears in my work often. As a reminder to the observer and myself that I, the artist, is the least important part of the art. It is not about who I think I am as much as it is about what others believe me to be. Without a face I am sterile, without a story of my own. In a sense it motivates the observer to engage their own ideas and creativity, to wonder. This art is about such things like that, it is about change and creating new possibilities with the hope to inspire self discovery. It’s crazy, its daring and it’s unpredictable. But first and foremost, it’s Pleasant.

What sort of possibilities does the C-kin concept present to you as far as creating and presentation goes?

I think C=kin is 'Wunderful'. As a video gamer myself, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in something new and swell. Video games are indeed art: for a moment an individual can take part in saving a world or even creating one, win the Monte Carlo GP or even fly a rocket ship. It is in the possibilities, like this art and the C=kin. To make for something new and exciting and to showcase it in a way that displays all of the different layers that add to the overall dimension or experience. The Commodore becomes a part of the world of gaming. As a stationary display platform for art and design reflecting the beauty and wonder of a truly remarkable machine and the creations of various artists and designers who compliment it. The concept is intriguing and quite progressive. It is multilayered in all of its wittiness, it reaches out and grabs the attention. The possibilities are so endless.

What sort of C-kins do you feel are missing from the catalogue and would you like to see?

That’s a difficult one. There are so many C=kins to choose from, all of the designs are so diverse and beautiful. I guess I’d like to see a few more retro C=kins, possibly. I love the look of the ones that give props to the original Commodore computer and it’s legacy. And what a legacy it is! It resides in all of us who remember the day when Commodore first appeared. I am currently working on a Pleasant ‘retro’ very rock' in C=kin that I think will be quite swell! I have titled it, ‘SOUTH’S FINEST’. Please stay tuned!

Would you like to add anything, in conclusion?

Please Be PLEASANT to everyone!

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