01-12-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist – Manu is Malin

C-kin - Manu is Malin

This month we have a chat with compulsive French concept artist Manu is Malin. Incorporating a wild mix of influences in his work, Manu’s aim is to make his images say something to the viewer. What it is they’re saying is completely up to the audience to decide!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you pursue an artistic career?

Well, I actually do not really know... It is something I just need to do. I mean, it's like a natural need: When Ia m hungry, I eat something. When I get sleepy, I go to bed and when I need to draw, I take the pen and there I go. It's just that simple.

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How would you describe your own artistic style(s)?

A tough question I'd say... I can say my work has tons of influences, from the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e to abstract painting. My own style is a combination of all of these. I try to make 'talkative pictures' with strong moods. After that, it is up to people to call my style whatever they want to!

What sort of possibilities does the C-kin concept present to you as far as creating and presentation goes?

The three dimensional perspective of the C-kin is something really interesting for a 2D artist like me. It forces you to think in other ways about your own pictures. I really dig that.

What sort of C-kins do you feel are missing from the catalogue and would you like to see?

Well, there is definitely not enough cute rabbits stuff!

Would you like to add anything, in conclusion?

Hail to the C-kin !

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