01-11-2007 // Featured C-kin Artist - Niels Popkema


The Featured artist this month is the Dutch up and coming Talent Niels Popkema.
As one of the first artists to be creating C-kins for Commodore Gaming, we already consider him a veteran.

Niels contributed a lot to our upcoming C-kin library with his eye-catching creations, even so much we did an exhibition with his art together at the dutch Street Lab event.
His style ranges from cartoony to graffiti even, we are very proud to name him our featuring artist.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you pursue an artistic career?

I work as an Illustrator and graphical artist. Ever since I was little I’ve been drawing characters, because I enjoy it more to create things than to watch the work of others.

What drives you to create?

The fact that i like to create, and as an illustrator i love to work on commision I am quite fortunate that I can make lot of things on an assignment basis.

cardboard friends composition

How would you describe your own artistic style(s)?

Cartoony, Colorful, raw....

What sort of possibilities does the C-kin concept present to you as far as creating and presentation goes?

It is a fun way to get my characters into the homes of others!

What sort of C-kins do you feel are missing from the catalogue and would you like to see?

There is definatly room to fit in some more daring designs, allthough i really admire the fact that commodore isn’t afraid to present itself in such a refreshing manner.

Would you like to add anything, in conclusion?

Long Live Commodore!

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