13-08-2007 // Evoke 2007

Event Reports - Evoke 2007 Intro

Evoke is one of the oldest European demoscene parties that is still around. More intimate and focused on an indoors experience than that other big demoscene party, Break Point, democeners from almost every platform are able to participate and present their work to a wild crowd of peers.

This year's Evoke took place in Cologne, Germany, in a well kept factory hall of the 'Vulkanhalle' location. Commodore Gaming was there to present the winning team of the Intel Demo Competition with a Commodore g and C-kin of choice for each member. And because our first up close and personal introduction to the demoscene at Break Point had us fiending for more crazy digital art, mad partying and German beer (well, one out of two of us, in the case of the beer).

Event Reports - Evoke 2007 Banner

It was a most surprised team Still that won the Intel Demo Competition (congratulations to Still and all other winners of the different compos!), in a small ceremony that kicked off the weekend. This netted all team members a Commodore gaming PC. How was the rest of the event you ask? Well, it's all a bit hazy, to be honest, but we do remember that the demoscene was in full effect: Alcohol flowed uninterrupted, heated, but never too heated, discussions between Amiga-, C64-, Atari- and PC adepts got sparked, and somehow, somewhere some attendees still managed to get some coding, design and music composing done, culminating in some spectacular showings in all categories. It all felt like home again.

Special thanks go out to Stefan Kessler, Big Tobi, FRaNKy and Galaktus of Digitale Kultur who made us feel more than comfortable and assisted us in our announcement of the Commodore Scene Lifetime Achievement Awards (also thanks to Kuroto for helping out with the slide). And special thanks also go out to Streettuff and the other Old School C64 Coders of TRSI, Sir Garbage Truck, the even more Old School Danish Gold and Limp Ninja (jeweettoch ouwe!) for rallying behind us during said announcement.

Evoke 2007 - Pictures

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