What They Say

What They Say

If you doubt our superlative-filled stories, then please know that we are not the only ones that talk funny. These fine and reliable publications think very highly of Commodore Gaming and our products.

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04-12-2007 // 5 Star rating for Commodore xx by

News - StuffTV

We're getting a bit shy with the good people at Stuff overloading us with heaps and heaps of...
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13-07-2007 // E3 2007: Commodore Gaming US Launch

News - E3 2007

Source: FiringSquad
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03-07-2007 // Commodore gaming computers blast in

News - Commodore gaming computers blast in

Source: T3
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29-06-2007 // Hands on Commodore PC

News - Hands on Commodore PC

Source: ESport TV
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28-06-2007 // New Commodore XX gaming PCs LAN it up

News - New Commodore XX LAN

Source: CNET
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23-06-2007 // Commodore Gaming CEO Bala Keilman under interrogation

News - Commodore Gaming CEO

Source: CVG
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17-04-2007 // Top 10 game-pc’s

News - Top 10 game-pc’s

Source: Gamez
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28-03-2007 // The Commodore is back!

News - The Commodore is Back

Source: Ramblings of a Mad Man
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19-03-2007 // Commodore gets back on the case

News - The Inquirer

Source: The Inquirer
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15-03-2007 // Interview: Bala Keilman on Commodore's comeback

News - Bala Keilman on Commodores comebavk

Source: BBC
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