28-06-2007 // New Commodore XX gaming PCs LAN it up

News - New Commodore XX LAN

Source: CNET

Our adventure began last night in Soho, London. Commodore invited us into an underground gaming crypt to check out its latest and greatest gaming machines. About a dozen Commodore XX machines were rigged up to a private LAN, all radiating their hella cool designs and top-notch specifications.

Pictured is a de-panelled XX machine. The internal design is as impressive as the exterior. First up, there's a pair of Nvidia 8800 GTX GPUs in SLI configuration. An Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core CPU powers away behind a custom-modified cooling system from Arctic. Two gigabytes of Corsair Dominator memory sit alongside the CPU, along with X-Fi audio from Creative and a pair of 10,000 rpm hard disks in RAID 0 configuration (a 500GB disk sits quietly inside too)...

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