Event Reports

Event Reports

Every now and then, the Commodore Gaming team likes to wrestle itself out of the chair-desk-mouse position, get up and set out on a new, grand adventure. Here is where you can read about these adventures and browse through the dodgy holiday snaps we took on our travels.

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30-05-2008 // Ubidays Paris 2008

News - Ubidays

After working together on some cool events and rockin’ cases, Ubisoft was kind enough to...
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08-02-2008 // CES 2008

Event Report - CES

It’s been a month since the Commodore Gaming circus packed up...
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26-11-2007 // GamePlay 2007

As November drew to an end, it could only mean one thing for the...
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01-11-2007 // EVE Online Fan Fest 2007

In Iceland’s beautiful capital city of Reykjavík this year’s EVE Fan...
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27-10-2007 // 25th Annual Golden Joystick Awards

Slap bang at the start of the London Games Festival and following the...
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24-09-2007 // Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2007

News - Festival du Jeu Vidéo 2007

Commodore Gaming went down to Paris to attend to the Festival du Jeu Vidéo, France’s major gaming...
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28-08-2007 // Commodore Gaming's 25th Anniversary of the C64

News - 25th Anniversary

During the Games Convention in Leipzig, Commodore Gaming took the opportunity to throw a party...
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27-08-2007 // Games Convention 2007

GC 2007

The Games Convention is Europe's largest show for interactive entertainment offers 115,000 square...
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13-08-2007 // Evoke 2007

Event Reports - Evoke 2007 Intro

Evoke is one of the oldest European demoscene parties that is still around. More intimate and...
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30-07-2007 // Streetlab 2007


The Streetlab Festival in Amsterdam is meant to be a platform for young street artists,...
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