27-08-2007 // Games Convention 2007

GC 2007

The Games Convention is Europe's largest show for interactive entertainment offers 115,000 square metres of something for everyone: high-tempo, exciting games for younger players, games suitable for children and families.

No other European event gathers together the industry in such a manner as the GC. This is an opportunity for a trade visitor to learn all about new, upcoming trends, make contacts in an ideal environment, hold discussions and benefit from direct contact to the public halls. Commodore Gaming was there this year and made everyone scream "Com-mo-do-re!!!"

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The Commodore Gaming booth was large and consisted of two sections: One was focused on the Commodore gaming PCs and one on Commodore's glorious past, especially in light of the 25th Anniversary of the C64 and the 30th Anniversary of the PET. The gaming PC section featured a wild selection of 33 C-kinned cases on display, of which 16 machines were running relitively family-friendly games like Tomb Raider Legends, Rayman Raving Rabids, Heroes of Might and Magic IV and as an exclusive first... The new Guild Wars installment, Eye of the North. The Commodore Gaming booth was the only place on the Games Convention where the latest update of this insanely popular massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) could be played, as stressed by the various presentations given by the Guild Wars community manager on the booth.

At various moments during the 5 days of the Games Convention, MC Soe would take the stage and whip the gaming crowd into a frenzy, while handing out exclusive giveaways by Commodore Gaming and our partners. Although... You could hardly speak of giveaways, seeing that she made everyone work really hard to obtain a goody.

The retro section of the Commodore Gaming booth featured an extensive line up of Commodore's most important and most novel products on display, creating many a fond smile of remembrance or a cry of nostalgia. Four Commodore 64s were set up with a selection of especially taxing games (Nebulus, Commando, Toki, Uridium!) serving to remind people of what challenging game play really means. Also in the retro section, Stefan Zelazny and Peter Smets of Digitale Kultur were holding court and showing the gaming audience the best demos the Commodore scene and the C64-born demoscene in general have on offer, as well as entertaining people with some quirky mods such as the dance mat that was reconfigured to work as a fully functional C64 joystick.

In conclusion, we would just like to add: "Ihr seid 'Co', ihr seid 'mo', ihr seid 'do' und ihr seit 're'... Co-mo-do-re!"

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