26-11-2007 // GamePlay 2007

As November drew to an end, it could only mean one thing for the cathedral blessed city of Utrecht, the Netherlands… The gaming caravan had come to town in the form of GamePlay. The Jaarbeurs convention centre was filled with the likes of Microsoft, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo and EA, to name but a few, that were showing their latest and greatest to the gaming masses. Commodore Gaming partnered with game publisher THQ and the Insidegamer crew to provide a truly unique experience at the event.

Commodore Gaming’s systems were set up in an 4 on 4 LAN configuration and had the exclusive title Frontlines: Fuel of War playable. Not only did this mean fans could get to grips with this highly anticipated FPS, but also marvel at the artwork and case design THQ and Commodore produced.

As if this was not enough, we also had a premiere for the Benelux, and a great first for media partner InsideGamer, in the shape of a Commodore rig sporting the brand new Penryn chipset from Intel. This 45NM chip allows for more space for 12MB cache... Needless to say performance was awesome.

The Commodore Gaming Team heard nothing but positive feedback from fans, partners and industry peers alike.

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