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18-11-2008 // Core i7 has arrived!

As of now Commodore Gaming offers Intel's latest CPU's in partnership with Commodore Gaming.

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28-10-2008 // Commodore Gaming at EVE Online Fan Fest 2008

Commodore Gaming partnered with CCP Games to provide EVE Online fans with the best gaming...
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16-10-2008 // 10 months running #1 PC Brand – STUFF.TV

We can hardly believe it ourselves: has awarded us with a #1 rating for...
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16-10-2008 // Commodore Gaming PCs: Now available in PC World stores across the UK

For all of you who prefer to touch and feel our PC’s before buying them we are now offering...
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22-08-2008 // Commodore Gaming and Warhammer Online at Games Convention 2008

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09-06-2008 // Commodore Gaming Shadows takes 1st place at Regroup

Ending an era in style is what Commodore Gaming Shadows has done this weekend in Hardenberg....
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21-05-2008 // Commodore Gaming webshop open to US

Commodore Gaming has now opened the virtual doors to its online store to the United...
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08-05-2008 // C-kins now separately available to Commodore PC owners

Getting tired of your current C-kin design and wish you were...
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25-04-2008 // Six Classic C64 games available on Wii Virtual Console

It has been four weeks since the first two C64 games, International Karate and Uridium,...
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14-04-2008 // Commodore Gaming PCs: New and improved!

You might think you know the Commodore g, gs, gx and xx, but think again... Commodore...
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