Commodore xx

The Commodore xx doesn't just blur the line between gaming and reality, it redefines it. The fastest, most powerful Gaming PC money can buy, this world ending device will serve you and your gaming needs without even breaking so much as a sweat for some good time to come.

Bonus Points

Interchangeable casing panels - personalized with your choice of art

High density layered sound insulation

Extensive stress test performed on every system

Unique floating front door - can be closed with USB cables connected

Two independently illuminated fans - has eight changeable colours

Preloaded with an emulator - play more than 50 classic C64 games

Comes with a 1 year warranty plan - full parts and service included


This is the starting point of what's inside the Commodore xx. Most parts are customisable.

  • Intel® Core™ i7 965 Extreme Edition: 3.2GHz 8MB L3 Cache
  • 6GB Triple Channel DDR3 Patriot 1600Mhz Memory
  • 2x ATI® Radeon® HD4870X2 (2GB in CrossFire™)
  • Double Layer Blu-Ray / DVD-RW Burner and HD-DVD reader
  • Killer™ NIC M1 - Gaming Network Card
  • Choose any hi-def paint finish for your case

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